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Sunday, October 18, 2009



in the fall

Louisiana Marsh in the Fall
12 x 12 Linen Canvas Acrylic Paper

Sunlight sparkles across the an open marsh waterway,
behind the silhouette of foreground tree, the inspiration
for this small landscape, depicting a fall scene in a
south Louisiana marsh in early October.
Colors change slowly in the Louisiana Delta fall season.
Green foliage hangs on even through the official start of
the winter season. The possible landscape compositions
are as countless as the Louisiana Cypress trees,
marshes and wildlife.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Zoomed Sunset ( "sunset zoomed"), painted in acrylics, as seen throuh binoculars

Recent sunscape

16x20, Primed canvas. Acrylics
Varnish finish for archival long-lasting brightness
Contact us to inquire about this piece or to have a similar piece commissioned for your needs.
singular piece or a three painting set, connected side by side, making one complete image.(Three painting set called triptych.)