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Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Orleans sidewalk street sign Royal Street

My latest New Orleans landmark painting, Royal St sidewalk (banquet in New Orleans parlance)tile, street sign. Antique stores and art galleries line the French quarter section of the street, where the annual Art celebration "Dirty Linen" takes place the second Saturday of August. small. acrylic on canvas.


Katherine Thomas said...

That's very cool. And perfect for the event where it will be seen. How did it go?

Ralph Songy said...

Hi Katherine, As always thanks for dropping in and kind comments. A fun festive way to unite with local art showcased on a historical local prominade . This annual event seems to be growing in size. Some might say becoming a bit too commercial. But really is nice way to continue community conscious and awareness of varied art and culture by national and local artists AND CRAFTSMEN, while at the same time the concentration of combined tourists and local patronage is helpful to local merchants on an otherwise hot summer evening.