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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Small Craft Advisory for Lake Pontchartrain


Katherine Thomas said...

Wow, this is very dramatic and intense. I admire how you can do such contrasting styles with the lake scenes. I like the sunset painting as well! They are both beautiful.

Ralph Songy said...

Thanks Katherine.
Although my favorite style is realism,it requires a lot more time and layers.
Since I have been away from any painting for a while I was eager to get some done in the shortest period of time . But, as is often the case, my paintings in this style of impressionism seem to fall apart midway, then take off and finish on their own just as I am on the brink of scrubbing the whole thing.
Always amazed when things turn around at the last minute just in time to salvage as loose a project as this was, and humbled by and appreciative of comments such as yours. THANKS