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Monday, July 7, 2014

Cafe Dumonde Napkin Sugar dispensers update

Updated reflections shadows tones and highlights and back to iconic green dining chair #Painting  #NewOrleans  #cafe #coffee #art #realism #Nola #glass  #fineart 


Katherine Thomas said...

This is such a creative composition, and a unique portrayal of those ordinary objects. It's got an abstract quality to it, but yet a strong realism too. I'm also noticing how the reflections are really nicely done, and I appreciate seeing the step by step progress. But, with these last couple updates, I keep wondering what more you'll do to it. They each could be considered 'finished'!

Ralph Songy said...

Thanks Katherine.
I appreciate your comments.
I appreciate that you get it.
The cropped view and reflections etc.
All those elements are exactly what inspire me to paint! And your comments validate this.
Getting closer to completion but
I've got a bit of way to go yet including the label that will be placed on the green section of the napkin holder.
I will also glaze in additional layers.
Hopefully I'll get to place soon where it will tell me when it's done.
Thanks for dropping in for updates
And for sticking with this one.